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B is powered by Clydesdale Bank & Yorkshire Bank, who offer lots of other current accounts with all sorts of different benefits. So, we thought it might help you decide if B is the one for you, by seeing how they all compare.

Choose from the range of current accounts by Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank

Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank offer a variety of accounts, from standard facilities to more benefits and management features. The table below can help you make an informed choice. Terms and conditions apply. All accounts are subject to status and eligibility.

All current accounts come with a debit card, optional cheque book and give you access our mobile, telephone and internet banking. For B you will get an app that you can use with your compatible smartphone and tablet. Remember you’ll need to use both to get the full list of B functions.

Current account features B1 Signature Current Account Current Account Plus Current Account Control
Monthly fee -No £13.50 -No £7.50
Minimum age 16 18 16 18
B app2 Yes -No -No -No
Apple Pay Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interest paid on credit balances up to £2,000 Yes -No -No -No
Linked savings account available Yes(Compulsory) Yes Yes Yes
Planned borrowing3 (Monthly planned usage fee and debit interest apply) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unplanned borrowing4(Daily unplanned borrowing fee applies) Yes Yes Yes -No
Planned and unplanned borrowing grace days5 Yes -No -No -No
Returned item fee Yes Yes Yes -No
Fee cap Yes Yes Yes -No
Offset mortgage facilities

Offset Mortgages

An Offset Mortgage Facility allows to link your eligible current or savings accounts to your Offset Mortgage, reducing the amount of interest you are charged.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Worldwide travel insuranceUnderwritten by AIG Europe Ltd -No Yes -No -No
UK breakdown cover Provided by Green Flag and underwritten by UK Insurance Ltd -No Yes -No -No
Mobile phone insurance Underwritten by London General Insurance Company Ltd -No Yes -No -No
Gadget insuranceUnderwritten by London General Insurance Company Ltd -No Yes -No -No
ID Defender -No Yes -No -No
My Signature Rewards

My Signature Rewards

My signature Rewards gives you access to offers and discounts on certain travel, leisure and shopping.
-No Yes -No -No
Find out more about Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank’s current accounts

Some other accounts available

Readycash account

A basic bank account, available to customers aged 16 years and over who aren’t able to get one of our standard current accounts. This account may still be an option for customers experiencing financial difficulties.

Private Current Account

Our Private Current Account is available to individuals with annual earnings of at least £75,000, joint incomes of £100,000, or investable assets of £100,000. Monthly fee of £25 and secures the service of a dedicated relationship manager.

1. Both a B Current and B Instant Savings account must be opened at the same time and both held to take full advantage of all the features of the accounts and the B app. You'll need a compatible smartphone and tablet to use all of B's functions.

2. Information about devices and operating systems

3. Planned borrowing (subject to status) is when you have agreed an overdraft limit with us on your current account, allowing you to continue to make payments up to the value of your agreed overdraft limit. A monthly planned usage fee is applied each month you use planned borrowing greater than the value of the planned borrowing buffer amount.

4. Unplanned borrowing happens when you exceed the amount available in your account (including any agreed overdraft); a daily unplanned borrowing fee is applied on each business day that you are in an unplanned position which is greater than the value of your unplanned borrowing buffer amount.

5. A 2 working day grace period applies before a monthly planned usage fee or a daily unplanned borrowing fee is charged.

FSCS Protecting your money

Please have a look at the FSCS leaflet (PDF, opens in a new window) for further information or visit (opens in a new window).

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