What if you could speak to your current account?

And what if it could talk back? Our first Studio B project was all about Alexa. So let’s have a chat about our cash.

Project details

With the rise of chat bots and intelligent personal assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, many eyes have been on emerging communication channels.

That’s why, having heard about the recently launched Alexa voice service – and rapidly growing set of Alexa skills Link opens in a new tab – we felt it was a pretty fertile place to test prototypes. In fact, while we were in the development process, news came through of the device having sold 11 million in the US alone Link opens in a new tab.

Now we’ve created a series of Alexa demos within Studio B in London, giving people first-hand experience of what it would be like to be told (out loud) if it looks like they can afford to go out to dinner or how to get help saving for a holiday.

And it’s that user feedback we’re really interested in, and will determine what we do with Alexa and other devices in the future.

"Life these days is so often dominated by our phones that we sometimes forget how good it is to speak. We've been having fun playing with different ways to use voice technology to help make managing money easier and more fun and are really excited to see how customers respond to the first published idea from Studio B"

David Judic, Customer Innovations

Control your money with your voice

*Interactions are illustrative only

Alexa, ask B Money if I've been paid?

Yes you have! The same amount as last month. Should I send the details to your phone?

Alexa, can you set me up a Holiday Savings Pot?

Yes! I'll do it just now. How much would you like to save?


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