Get to know your B debit card better

There are lots of things you can do with your B debit card. And there’s lots your card can do for you. Just using it can help the B app to learn more about your spending habits.

Your B debit card lets you…

  • Use any ATM for taking out your money, checking your balance and topping up your phone.
  • Take out up to £5001 a day from ATMs (which includes £100 cashback from most shops).
  • Legal bit: 1: The ATM withdrawal limit is subject to status and available funds.
  • Pay for things with your device using Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • As long as you have enough money in your account, you can pay wherever you see the Mastercard® logo – that’s over 32 million places around the world.
  • Shop online safely by registering with Mastercard SecureCode™ Mastercard SecureCode

Accepted worldwide

From your kitchen to the Big Apple, your B debit card allows you to pay for goods wherever you are in the world. All you have to do is look out for the Mastercard logo.

And, using your debit card outside the UK is really easy. If you do have any questions, just get in touch with the team at B on 0800 121 7365. Some spending limits and transaction fees apply when you use your card outside the UK.

More on fees

Cashless payments

Just a fingertip away Apple Pay and Google Pay

Tired of always rummaging for your wallet? Good. Because Apple Pay and Google Pay are here. In-app or in-store, quick bites or small gifts - pay for the things you like, when you like, with just a tap of your phone. Not only is it super convenient, it’s safe too.

Some retailers may limit individual payments to £30.

Staying safe with SecureCode Mastercard SecureCode

Your B debit card can also give you a bit of extra protection every time you buy something online. It’s all thanks to Mastercard SecureCode which is really easy to set up and use.

Contactless functionality

The B Debit Mastercard is a contactless card, so you can pay for anything up to £30 with just a flick of the wrist wherever you see the contactless logo. On-the-go debit card payments are ever so easy.

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Accessibility friendly

If you have a disability or medical condition that makes Chip and PIN difficult for you to use, please get in touch with the team at B, and we can arrange a card for you that only requires a signature.

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