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Doing your everyday banking with the B app is simple. Whether you're out and about having fun, buying a pair of shoes online, or transferring money to a friend, the B app makes paying effortless.

Safety first

Because the B app has been designed around secure technologies, you can trust it to protect you and your money.

With the B app, your single login is secure. So there’s no messing around with extra passwords and PINs just for everyday banking tasks.

And with Mastercard SecureCode™, you’re also protected when you shop online.

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Moving your money around

If you're moving money between your B accounts, the funds will be transferred immediately. If you're moving money to or from another financial company, the funds will normally arrive immediately. Though in some cases it can take a little longer, up to 2 hours. So please allow time for the money to go into your account.

Ways you can pay

You can pay using your B debit card, a Standing Order, Direct Debit, cheque, future dated or immediate payment. It’s up to you. You’ll just need to have enough money in your account on the date the payment’s going to be made – or make sure it’s at least covered by an overdraft. Overdraft subject to status and eligibility.

Payments made on a weekend or Bank Holiday, such as a Standing Order, Direct Debit, debit card transaction, will go through the next working day. Some payments types, such as a Faster Payment, will generally go through immediately, however, in some cases, it can take longer, but in any case, should arrive no later than the end of the next business day. Please also remember to put in the right details for who you want to pay. If you don’t, the money may go into the wrong account, and it might not be possible to get it back.

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Make payments in no time

With the B app, you can send and receive money within the UK to and from your B Current account using Faster Payments

  • Payments usually arrive immediately, however, in some cases, it can take longer, but in any case, should arrive no later than the end of the next business day.
  • Make payments through the app, web or phone2
  • 1 This service may be temporarily unavailable during periods of routine maintenance.
  • 2 For payments processed by the team at B over the telephone or within the B app, the limit is £30,000. For telephone banking and payments made via IVR, the limit is £5,000. Please be aware that each bank or building society has its own limits for Faster Payments which can vary from time to time. So, if you need to make a payment over the limit or need to guarantee same day payment, you should consider using CHAPS (fee applicable, please contact your branch).
  • 3 Payments will only be processed through the Faster Payments Service if both the bank / building society sending and receiving the payment are participants of the scheme.

Staying clear of fees

B’s app is full of features that can help you avoid charges.

If you make the most of things like budgeting and sweeps, you can be ready for anything the month might throw at you. (And remember, if you do go into your arranged overdraft, B gives you 2 working days per calendar month to sort things out before you’re charged a fee.)

Preparing for payments

If you have Direct Debits and Standing Orders, you could schedule them right after payday to get the bigger payments out of the way and give you a clear view of your money for the rest of the month.

If you do have automatic payments, to avoid fees you’ll need to make sure the money is in your account by 3pm on the day the payment is due. If you’ve set up payments by telephone banking, funds for those need to be in your account by 5am on the payment date.

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