Frugal Living UK - 2019 Is The Year Of Thrifty Summer Looks

With the temperature finally starting to rise a little, it’s time to put a little thought into your spring/summer wardrobe. Let’s not jump the gun though – we’re still at that awkward in-between-seasons time. Not to say that means you can’t start shopping, just that you need to be smart with your purchases.

Think ahead

The best purchases are the ones you’ll still be wearing in a few months’ time. For example, midi skirts can be worn with a roll neck and boots now, and then as it gets warmer you can pair them with tees and sandals. This makes them a pretty good investment, as it brings that all-important cost per wear down.

Men can invest in lighter jackets and overshirts - wearing them with roll necks or other layers now, and then switching to tees as we get into summer. Layering at this time of year is key, as the temperature can be temperamental – try layering thinner pieces that you can remove as required.

Go retro

Vintage and charity shopping is a great way of updating your look for less, being mindful of the environment, and helping a good cause. Great charity shops can be found all over the UK and you really can hunt down some amazing pieces (with a bit of patience). The important thing is to go in with an open mind and look for pieces that will work within your existing wardrobe.

Quality is also important when shopping vintage and second hand, as it will usually have already been worn - so you need to make sure that there is still plenty of wear left in the garment for you.

Online shopping doesn’t just mean ASOS

It’s not just the high street offering up pre-loved pieces either, there are some great online vintage stores such as Beyond Retro, Retold, Mint Vintage and Rokit. And don’t forget ASOS marketplace, which offers lots of great vintage pieces for men and women. A lot of charity shops sell online too, Oxfam in particular has a great online store that’s definitely worth checking out.

In terms of what to look for, try investing in timeless classics such as Breton tees, straight cut jeans, linen shirts, and lightweight, classic coloured jackets and blazers. Basically, items you know you’ll be excited to bring out, year after year.

“With the temperature finally starting to rise a little, it’s time to put a little thought into your spring/summer wardrobe.”

Breathe new life into your old faves...

A new season doesn’t have to mean tons of new clothes either, you can update your wardrobe just as well by investing in some new accessories. Some new sneakers or sandals, or a new belt and costume jewellery are all good ways of spicing up your look at a reasonably low cost.

Delve into your own wardrobe and work with what you already have. I bet there are pieces in there you forgot you even had, or things that are just not quite the right fit and consequently never get worn. Why not take these pieces down to your local tailor or seamstress and have them taken in or out to fit you perfectly? This is usually a surprisingly inexpensive process, and a great way to make the most of what you already have.

...or totally remodel them

As it gets warmer, cutting jeans into shorts is a great way of updating your wardrobe at little to no cost. Pairs of jeans you no longer wear or are a bit too short/long are perfect candidates to be re-worked. Get yourself a sharp pair of scissors and fold them in half, cutting both legs at the same time so you can be sure they’re the same length. Then depending on the look you’re going for, you can grab a razor and fray the edges, or get them hemmed by a local tailor.

Have a proper clear out

In terms of funding your new season wardrobe, and also making space for it, selling the things you no longer wear on re-sell websites and apps is ideal. Sites such as Ebay, Depop and Vestiare are all great and pretty easy to use. I’m sure most of us are familiar with the online marketplace Ebay, and Depop is an app that you can use to quickly and efficiently upload your items on to for sale, and is great for both high street and vintage pieces.

Vestiaire is a luxury re-sale website, and is great for selling those more expensive designer items that you want to make a little bit more money on. Do bear in mind the charges when selling your items though, as most sites are free to use, but charge you a percentage of the price once your item sells. Ebay and Depop deduct 10% of the selling price and Vestiaire take around 30%.

Green is always in

Another great option for making space is to recycle your old clothes. This is also a good way to do your bit for the environment - according to The Independent, three-quarters of Britons throw away unwanted clothing, rather than donating or recycling it. You can take clothes to local recycling banks, or find stores that offer recycling services.

The likes of & Other Stories and H&M even offer customers the opportunity to bring in a bag of clothing to any of their stores to be recycled in exchange for a £5 voucher to spend in store – win win!

While updating your wardrobe couldn’t be easier or quicker these days with the demand for fast fashion and constant newness, clothes don’t have to be brand new in order to be new to you. Get creative with your wardrobe this spring/summer, think outside the box – and most importantly be mindful of our environment by re-using and recycling wherever possible.