More ways to save – our latest round-up of tips

Hello, smart savers. Yes, we’ve been scouring the offices once again for some top ways our own folks here at B are making a saving or two. This time we’re talking cars, bestie buy one get one free, thrifty days and bargainous beauty. See if you could make the most of these money-saving marvels.

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Get a local council MOT

Word-of-mouth is probably the best way to find a trusted local garage to do your MOT for you. But if you’re new to an area (or don’t know anyone else nearby who has a car), you might want to consider going to a council-run MOT testing station. Every council has one, where they carry out MOTs for council vehicles like buses and vans, and – by law – these test centres have to be open to the general public.

You’ll still pay for the MOT (and it may be a little more than the cheapest deal offered elsewhere), but because most council stations aren’t profit-making businesses, you can be confident of an impartial outcome. Read more about council MOTs and find a centre near you via the website (opens in a new window).

Go on an economy drive

Still on the subject of cars and driving, did you know it’s not just how far you go that could determine how much you spend on fuel? The WAY you drive can affect your car’s petrol usage too.

How you accelerate, slow down, change gear and the speed you drive at can all make a difference. It’s all part of what’s known as eco-driving, and you can find specific advice on the AA’s ‘Drive Smart’ (opens in a new window)page. They claim AA employees saved an average of 10% on their weekly fuel bills – just by changing a few simple habits. Brrrrm-ing great stuff.

“…why not natter your way around the supermarket together?”

Team up at the tills

Got a friend who’s also hunting for savings? Instead of meeting over coffee or a drink, why not natter your way around the supermarket together? It’s a smart way to go halves on buy one get one free bulk-buy deals you might not choose if you were shopping alone. You can even be each other’s sense-checker (“Do you really need that multipack of crisps?”) and packing and car-share buddy. Definitely worth a try, don’t you think? And if you don’t save a packet, you’ll still be caught up on each other’s news.

The best way to save? Don’t spend.

OK, bear with us on this one. Realistically, we know nobody can avoid spending for very long. But occasional ‘no-spend days’ are doable, and a really good way to re-think your daily spending habits as well as save money. It can be trickier midweek (what with things like travel costs and buying lunches), but it’s worth a try on weekend days - especially if you’re already planning a quiet one.

If the weather’s good, pack a lunch and head for the park (don’t take your purse or wallet though!), or – if Britain’s in classic rain mode – it’s time to raid the freezer and catch up with some box sets. You might be surprised how much you’d normally spend just grabbing a weekend coffee, newspaper or snack you don’t really need.

Balance out pricey products

Most of us have a favourite beauty product or two we like to splash out on, but there are ways you can save on other things to balance it all out. Simple things like cotton wool and buds, for example, are generally cheaper in the baby aisle (opens in a new window) because they’re not classed as ‘beauty products’. Other favourites from the Team at B are replacing shaving foam with a cheap and cheerful hair conditioner (the razor really glides over it), and abandoning expensive eye creams for used (cooled!) tea bags. The caffeine and antioxidants still in the tea bags are great for reducing dark circles and puffiness. And of course you get to enjoy the tea too!

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