Scary stuff – our Halloween facts and costume ideas

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You don’t have to believe in ghosts to believe in having fun at Halloween. But most of us know the mild horror of realising the night’s fast approaching and you’ve still no costume. Fear not! We’ve summoned a few quick and easy Halloween costumes, along with some fun Halloween facts in our spooky infographic.

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Silly, spooky Halloween facts

It’s not all pumpkins and broomsticks. Halloween’s been around for a couple of millennia, and is celebrated in hundreds of different ways.

Here are a few of our favourite facts about All Hallow’s Eve.

  • Halloween originated in Ireland, where it was called by its Celtic name: Samhain
  • Trick-or-treating used to be called ‘guising’ and dates back to medieval times
  • In medieval Europe, people believed owls to be witches
  • In 2015, the most popular fancy dress costume was comic-book superhero Harley Quinn
  • In Hong Kong, Halloween is called the ‘Festival of the hungry ghosts’
  • In Hollywood, USA, it’s illegal to use Silly String on Halloween

Wing it

Sure, going with a bat costume is hardly ground-breaking, but you’ll be the best one in town with these hinged wings (opens in a new window) made out of an old umbrella. Add a basic black outfit, a few extra supplies and some simple craft skills, and you’ll be flapping terror into the hearts of party-goers all night.

Be the doll of the ball

Remember those cut-out paper dolls from your youth? Go back in time and make a grown-up sized version with some cheap foam board, old wallpaper and a steady-handed craft knife (careful not to cut yourself – fake blood is better for Halloween!). You could even swap outfits as the night goes on. Super simple and super cute. Check out this handy step-by-step guide (opens in a new window).

Become a brollyfish

OK, it’s another umbrella-based approach, but hey, a costume that also keeps you dry is a bonus here in the UK. This jellyfish costume (opens in a new window) (complete with bioluminescent fairy lights) is quick to do, easy to wear and guaranteed to make you stand out (or swim out?) in a crowd. Stinging optional.

Get in the frame

Even if you’re no oil painting, on Halloween, you can at least pretend to be. Head out to the charity shops and look for a large framed portrait. Then simply cut out the face with a craft knife (again, carefully – you don’t want to spend the night in A&E!) so the hole’s just big enough to fit your own face. Viola – you’re a haunted portrait with eyes that follow everyone around the room! A bit of make-up to match the style of the painting and you’re a walking work of art. Get some inspiration (opens in a new window).

Be full of Hallow-beans

Everybody loves Trick or Treat sweets, so why not go out dressed as some? To become a giant bag of jelly beans, all you need is a large, clear plastic bag (the kind things like duvets come packed in), a packet of coloured balloons and some ribbon. Blow up the balloons to about half way, cut leg holes in the clear bag, get in, fill the bag with balloons around your middle and tie the top around your neck with ribbon (not too tight, mind!). Done! Not only is it a fun costume, it’s also amazingly cosy in there. Sweet! Check it out (opens in a new window).

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