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For every amazing technological breakthrough, there comes along another - completely pointless - development. Here, our Guest Blogger Hazel Davis rounds up some apps that really do little more than put a smile on your face (and what’s wrong with that?).

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Pocket fan

The creators of Pocket fan have seen fit to include the warning that it won't actually blow cold air out of your phone. Nonetheless, with all this topsy-turvy weather, if you find yourself you're in the middle of an unexpected heatwave you might benefit from the psychosomatic effects of seeing and hearing a fan in action. The gentle sounds it makes might even lull you to sleep in your hammock.


Ever wondered what you might have looked like if you had grown up in 1920s Manhattan? We’ve all done it (haven’t we?). There is no shortage of apps on the market that distort and reimagine faces but this is one of the best. You can even add all your family photos into a 1950s-style school yearbook. Well, can you think of a better use of your summer holiday photos?

Bleep button

Having trouble editing your bad language after you’ve stubbed your toe on yet another garden toy? Or do you simply not want to listen to any more hot-weather complaints. The Bleep Button (opens in a new window) app lets you block out bad language at the touch of a button. We think it’s %$&^ing brilliant.

“There’s even a built-in zapper so you can impress people with your ability to fix phone bugs.”

Invisible Pix

The perfect thing for long summer car journeys, the Invisible Pix app (opens in a new window) is a great magic picture and colouring book for all ages. It works offline, which means it’ll still be as effective in the heart of the Welsh mountains as it will by the pool (as long as you have your waterproof tablet case of course). The magic pen means you will always stay within the lines so it’s good for bumpy roads and self-esteem too.

Pocket Harmonica

As useful for annoying your co-workers all year round as irritating your family on holiday, this Harmonica app (opens in a new window) is a “real” 10-hole diatonic harmonica, with playable chords and notes. You can even stick your phone in your mouth, though that really depends how clean your phone is!


Rain or shine, the weather brings out all manner of creepy crawlies. Or at least that’s what you can tell your children/elderly aunties. This nifty app (opens in a new window) lets you pretend your phone is harbouring insects. The app has two features; pet mode and scare mode. (Why would you even bother with the first one?). There’s even a built-in zapper so you can impress people with your ability to fix phone bugs.

Top three waterproof gadgets

If you’ve still got your holidays to come, what could possibly improve sitting by the pool with a cool glass of something and a favourite book by your side? Having all your tech close at hand and waterproof, that’s what.

  • Waterproof speaker
    The 10w Jackery Boom (opens in a new window) is water-resistant and dustproof so perfect for poolside partying and beach use. You can also charge any compatible mobile device via its USB port and use its microphone feature if you absolutely must do a conference call on your jollies.
  • Underwater camera
    Want to document your holidays above and below ground? Invest in an underwater camera. The Canon PowerShot D30 (opens in a new window) allows you to go down to 25m and it’s freezeproof and shockproof up to 2m drops and has an underwater mode specifically for colourful fish shots.
  • Waterproof mp3 player
    100% waterproof one from Sigoma has a 10-hour battery life, an FM radio and submergible headphones, so you can soundtrack the dunking of your siblings/beloved. Wet, Wet, Wet anyone?

A bit about the writer

Hazel Davis is a freelance journalist living in West Yorkshire. She writes about property, work, travel, comedy and music for publications including the Guardian, Independent and Daily Telegraph.

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