Fancy saving lots? Meet Saving Pots

Making the leap into a big move can be too scary to think about unless you’ve got an emergency fund. Perhaps you want to go back to college but you’re just not saving enough to do it comfortably? Maybe it feels like time to pop the question but the thought of the wedding costs are giving you a headache? And as for planning a family or inviting a cute puppy (or kitten!) home to live with you, the extra costs can be enough to give you sleepless nights.

Our B current account and B instant savings account work beautifully together within one super-smart, app, powered by Clydesdale Bank & Yorkshire Bank. Compatible devices required to access all of the B app features. T&Cs apply. Subject to status & eligibility.

If you feel like the only thing that stands between you and your aspirations is a pot of money to do it, then help might be at hand. Sadly, magic wands are a bit thin on the ground, but, don’t worry, there is another way you can hit those goals.

Introducing the B app Savings Pots. Ta-da!

Savings Pots can help you save towards that big life goal that’s been looming in your diary from the start of the year. If you’re a bit of an over achiever, you might have lots of goals – don’t stress as Savings Pots could help you.

You don't need multiple savings accounts to use Savings Pots, just the B Instant Savings account. All your money will remain in one account but allow you to see your different Savings Pots and goals clearly. So they're a clever way of setting money aside and earning interest. Neat, huh?

“A couple of taps is all it takes to set up a Savings Pot – and you can have as many as you fancy”

So how does it work?

A couple of taps is all it takes to set up a Savings Pot – and you can have as many as you fancy. But that’s not all.

For each Savings Pot, you can see what your target is, how much you need to hit your goal and how long it’ll take you to get there.

Along the way the B app will give you gentle nudges to help make sure you don’t lose focus. If disaster strikes and you do need to dip into your savings (it happens!), all is not lost. Your Savings Pot will simply recalculate and let you know how much longer it might take you to hit your target. This way you can decide if you need to make some extra savings elsewhere to bring that target date closer.

And that’s not all

Savings Pots aren’t the only nifty feature in the B app that can help you reach your saving goals.

  • Tagging shows you where the money goes so you can decide how much you spend and on what.
  • Budgets help you keep your spending on track.
  • Projections keeps an eye on what your future financial health might look like - think fortune telling for your bank balance.

Savings Pots, along with all the other clever features, are already helping loads of B customers save the money they need for to hit their savings goals. Fancy joining them? Check out the B app.

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