Quids in at home: Tips to save money starting behind your front door

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The B-Tox Challenge is here to help you tighten your financial belt – without feeling the pinch. It’s not about self-denial, more about tweaking your spending habits and making lots of little savings here and there. These could add up to big savings before you know it. We’ve been looking at tips for cutting back on the home front and here are six of the best.

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Be a sofa saver

No-one’s suggesting you give up all your boogie nights. But by staying in just once a week, the Telegraph says you could save yourself over £3000 a year. Not only that, you can catch up on a few box sets while you’re at it.

Off is cheaper than Standby

UK households waste an average of £86 a year on electricity by leaving devices on standby according to the Mail Online .They suggest you turn them off when you don’t actually need them on to save those pounds.

Take the penny challenge!

Throughout the year, save 1p on day 1, 2p on day 2, 3p on….you get the idea. The Sun Online has done the math and if you started on Jan 1st, you’d have £667.95 stashed away by next New Year’s Eve. What are you waiting for?

Set yourself a savings goal

The Sun advises you to start small. Putting £20 aside every week might be a bit unrealistic, but if you can manage a fiver, that would still add up to £260 a year. As long as you don’t raid it midway through the year, obvs.

Save a pot with smart kettle-craft

It’s a simple tip, but only fill the kettle with as much water as you need. According to confusedaboutenergy, you could save £12.66 a year. Even more, if you boil up more than twice a day.

A real lightbulb moment

That’s when you realise you could save £35 a year just by replacing ordinary light bulbs with energy saving LEDs. This illuminating tip is just one of many to be found at The Independent online.

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