B Chatty with Craig

This week, we caught up with Craig, one of B’s super savers. We know it’s not always easy to save money, especially at this time of year, but Craig has some great tips he’s shared below in the hope of inspiring us all to become a little more financially fit.

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Craig is a 37-year-old civil servant based in Glasgow. He lives a few miles outside of the city and spends most of his spare time with his fiancée Catherine and their two cats. The pair love to travel, both around the UK and further afield, head to the latest new restaurant or bar or spoil their two furry companions.

How did you first discover B?

I was in my local branch just over a year ago looking to move my mortgage to Clydesdale when the bright and colourful posters for B caught my eye. The idea of a modern, purpose-built app that offered control of your finances really appealed to me.

What do you like about B's app?

I like the wide range of things you can do through the app; from making payments to creating new savings pots and having easy access to some key stats on your banking finances.

Have you got any Savings Pots set up?

I have a stack of smaller pots for my annual expenses (such as home insurance, TV licence), and then some bigger pots for major life events, such as holidays and our wedding. I set up regular payments each month to keep them ticking over and shift any extra I have each month into my ‘slush fund’ pot.

Have you reached any Savings Pots goals yet?

We saved up to go to a friend’s wedding in Bali last year – which was amazing – and we’ve already got one for a trip to New York for my fiancée’s birthday next year. Holiday pots are my favourite.

How regularly do you try to save?

I save every month and have always been pretty good at it; although being engaged to someone definitely makes striking the balance between enjoying yourself and saving for a rainy day more of a challenge. It also helps being a spreadsheet geek!

We’re impressed! How do you manage to stay committed to saving?

I’ve been spending a bit more than usual over the past year or two, as Cat and I have been enjoying life as a couple. We know that the takeaway and night out budgets are worth trimming in order to save up for the bigger life events, and we’re making more plans for the future now so balancing medium-term achievement against short-term fun.

What would your top three savings tips be for anyone looking to start saving?

  • Start a spreadsheet so that you can stay in charge of the little details
  • Keep a longer-term goal in front of you to give you something to aim for and a bit of context
  • Have some fun while you’re on your savings journey, as everyone needs a wee reward every now and then!

Savings Pots, along with all the other clever features on the B app, are already helping lots of B customers save the money they need to hit their savings goals. Fancy joining them? Find out more about Savings Pots.

“Have some fun while you’re on your savings journey”

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