B Currency

Don't let your money get lost in translation

Want to know how much that Bolognese in Rome is really costing you? Not sure if your budget can stretch to a canal boat trip in Amsterdam? Wondering if those shoes are definitely cheaper in New York than Newcastle?

With the latest tool from B, you can instantly convert currencies using augmented reality – for free!

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How does it work

It's simple - just open the app, hold up your camera to the price you want to
convert, and watch the converted price appear right then and there!

  • GBP
  • EUR
  • USD

  • Currency auto-selects based on your location

  • Simply tap your screen to freeze conversions

  • Convert manually or with Augmented Reality

  • Can be used offline without roaming

  • In-app guidance to help you get the best results

  • 18 other currencies in manual mode

Important info

  • Rates provided are indicative and do not represent real time exchange rates
  • Exchange rates provided by fixer.io
  • Rates provided may not represent the rate offered by your bank at the time of clearing
  • The converted amount doesn’t include bank charges, fees or local taxes
B sample card

What are you waiting for?

Stay on top of your spending on your next trip abroad with B currency.

Download our B Currency app from the App Store