The stories of your spending

As well as using your spending to look ahead, B’s Financial Stories feature also tells you interesting facts on how you use your money. So you can see your spending from different perspectives.

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The stories so far…

When you select an account, you’ll be able to see different stories to help you understand more about your money, for example:

Micro-transactions simply show you everything you’ve spent that’s under £10 – so you can keep track of how all those smaller purchases add up.

In’s and Out’s shows all your money that’s come in and gone out over the month, so you can quickly see where you stand.

Projections predict how the end of your month might look. If it looks like you might fall a little short, B will alert you to make any changes.

And Cashpoint shows what you’ve taken out from cash machines – often more than you realise.

But, these are just the beginning. B will evolve with new stories over time.

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Keep on top of your money

As B gets to know you better, it’ll put together more personalised hints, tips and reminders.

Say, for example, the app notices you’ve spent quite a bit more on eating out in the last few weeks than you usually do. It might send you a reminder to set up an eating out budget for the next month. It all helps keep you on track.

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