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Without you there would be no B, so we need to know what matters most to you, the next generation of customers (watch The Making of Studio B on Youtube (Link opens in a new tab)). Vote on ideas that will make banking better for you and we’ll take the most popular ones forward.

Our labbers come up with lots of ideas that could shape the future of banking.

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Studio B "On Tour"

Studio B to become the week long "artist in residence" at a number of important city centre locations.


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Upcoming projects

Back to Black

Design ways to help students leave university without the burden or a debt, but the joy of opportunity.

Engineering Chance Encounters

You make your own luck - or so we're told. What does this mean for attracting customers?

Selling to machines

Design ways that B can help customers to take back control from the complex algorithms that seem to make decisions everyday on their behalf?

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