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Welcome to The Lab showcase, where you can keep up with the ideas we’re currently brainstorming and developing.

Think of The Lab as Studio B’s ‘ideas factory’, where suggestions are put forward, explored and maybe even put into action. With every new project theme, we set some lateral-thinking brains a different challenge to make the world a better, happier, simpler place.

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Money Talks

Discussions about voice-controlled tech are no longer just lip service. It’s here, and here to stay. In our first project from Studio B, we looked at how you, Alexa and your bank account could start speaking to each other.

Say hi to Alexa
Amazon Alexa

Upcoming projects


Design ways to create a hard touch product that encourages kids and big kids to be aware of the opportunity cost of impulse spending.

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Speaking to robots

Design ways that B can help you to use the right channel to give you the outcome that you need, and be certain that you know whether you're speaking to a real person or a robot.

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Physical banking

Design and implement a range of exciting new reasons for digitally savvy customers to visit and spend time in a B store.

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