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Without you there would be no B, so we need to know what matters most to you, the next generation of customers (watch The Making of Studio B on Youtube (Link opens in a new tab)). Vote on ideas that will make banking better for you and we’ll take the most popular ones forward.

Our labbers come up with lots of ideas that could shape the future of banking.

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Upcoming projects

Movin’ on up

With a good job and a salary already above £40k, there are some 25-30-year olds who you may think have it all, but with home ownership a distant dream and facing a life in shared accommodation, what can B do to help these customers move on to the next stage of their life?

Optimising wealth and success

A high salary between 70-150k, savings and a great social life; the city-life is an attractive one for singles at the height of their career. While home sharing suits them at the moment however, the desire to settle down may mean a shift in priorities. What can B do for those in their 30s and 40s to prepare them for times ahead.

Generation Rent

With many people below 30 renting for the foreseeable future, saving some of their new-found income can be challenging. How can B advise and support those on 30-40k a year who are looking to live life to the full, while building a career and savings?

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