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Without you there would be no B, so we take time to find out what matters most to you, the next generation of customers (watch The Making of Studio B). Look back on some of the results from the Lab, celebrating the ideas that came to life, those still in design and the best of the rest.

The next generation of banking

  • B Greenhouse

    Many businesses struggle to compete and innovate because they don’t have time or money to get the help they need. The Greenhouse is a place where small businesses can access expert help to solve problems in just a few days. Watch the video to learn more.

  • GoGetter

    Finding the right first job is hard, especially when you don’t have any savings. GoGetter helps students find relevant work experience (and get paid for it) then keeps your money saved up until you graduate. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Read Receipts

    It’s 2017 and still when we send money to other people we have to text, call or email them to check they’ve received it. Read Receipts is a plugin for your bank account that tells you when your money has been received by the payee. No more manual checking. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Daily spending pal’ with Pocket Money Mode

    Chose Pocket Money Mode in app to set a daily or weekly budget for your money. Get reminders to tell you when you’re close to or over your budget and set a lock to prevent you going over budget. Watch the video to learn more.

Other ideas

Human Library

Learning a new skill is daunting, with many people giving up before they’ve really got going because they don’t know where to start. Imagine a service that connects people who have valuable knowledge to share with those who need it. The Human Library is a place where the books are people. Watch the video to learn more.

Good Guys

Good Guys is a savings account supporting local communities. As you save, on top of your interest, you’ll earn Community Tokens to donate to the local causes you care about most. Watch the video to learn more.

B + Instagram Banking

Scrolling through your transaction list can make you feel bad about your spending. But your spending has created memories you’ll revisit forever. So we’re making it easier to revisit them. Pull your Instagram feed in your B banking app to see your photos in line with your transactions. Watch the video to learn more.

B Board

What if you could manage your money straight from your mobile keyboard without having to login to your banking app. B Board allows you check your balance and make payments right from a custom keyboard. Watch the video to learn more.

Connected Banking

Build new habits and save automatically with our new smart in-app helpers. You can add money to your savings when you don’t buy lunch out, or give yourself rewards when you hit your targets; there are thousands of possibilities. Automate payments and savings, and integrate with other apps through your phone. Use pre-existing setups created by others or create your own and use the IFTTT (If This Then That) easy automation platform to integrate with the other apps and services you use.

With the B app you can track your spending and link up smart services and alerts, to move your money when you achieve certain goals. Watch the video to learn more.

'Star Spends' for Starred Transactions

Save your important transactions with one tap. Find them later when you need them. Watch the video to learn more.

‘Watch your wishlist’

Saving money should be exciting. That’s why we’re introducing savings pots that allow you to plan your projects and adventures. For instance, link your Pinterest board, budget your spending and reach your goals. We’ll even find you the best possible deals on the market. Watch the video to learn more.


ConfessionBot provides a safe space for customers to find their hidden financial issues with tools to help you rectify any concerns. Give us a time period to scan your finances and the B app will highlight anything you might want to take a look at, and give you the tools to nip any issues in the bud. You’re also given the option to talk further to B experts, alongside more general hints and tips. Watch the video to learn more.


Summbot instantly translates complex financial terms into words that make sense to you. Summbot automatically scans financial information and highlights difficult financial terms. You receive a straightforward and customer-friendly translation ensuring a better understanding. Watch the video to learn more.

Magic 8 Bot

Magic 8 Bot is a fun alternative to stay in touch with your budget. Ask a question, shake the Magic 8 Bot feature within the B app, and get a response with data from your account. For example, ask if you can afford coffee this week or whether you’re meeting your savings goal. Watch the video to learn more.

Peace of Mind @ The Oasis

Peace of Mind is a new service from B; providing calming spaces in our branches designed to promote wellbeing. A mix of life coaches and wellbeing experts will be here on the high street to talk about whatever you need. From financial planning to relationship support to career advice, we've got it covered. Watch the video to learn more.


Scansafe is a new service that lets you scan personal documents with your phone camera and saves the files securely in the safety of your banking app, making them available anytime, anywhere. So if you’re buying a car or moving home, Scansafe keep your documents organised and ready to share through our secure email service. Watch the video to learn more.


Traffic is a new service within the B app which aims to unite small businesses with customers. Traffic will look at your spending behaviour and location and connect you with promotions from small businesses that match your preferences. The business will receive information that tells them which promotions for their products and services customers like the most. Watch the video to learn more.

Share to Save

Nobody likes paying bank charges and nobody likes the bank for enforcing them. What if we could do a deal? If you incur any charges from us, you can pay them off by sharing marketing messages with your social media followers. Pay your bank charges with your social network. Watch the video to learn more.

Open Banking Hub

Our bank accounts are so valuable to us so why aren’t they in one place? At B, we’ll let you manage all your bank accounts in one convenient Hub, making it easy for you to transfer money between accounts and easy for us to help you save money. No more switching between different banking apps. Watch the video to learn more.

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