B ready for a new way to pay

Extra security for online payments.

What’s Strong Customer Authentication?

It’s nothing to do with pumping iron - it’s part of new banking regulations to keep fraudsters away from your finances. So from 14 September 2019, there’ll be some extra security steps when you use online banking and make online card payments. We’re here to let you know what that all means and what you need to do.

Shopping online

To authenticate payments, we’ll have two ways to check it’s really you:

Your bank card

We’ll know it’s you when you use your bank card.

Your mobile or the B app

Secondly, you’ll either authenticate payments through the app, or we’ll text you 6-digit code (called a one-time passcode).

Some transactions won’t need to be verified – including recurring transactions and low-value payments.

For extra security if you use contactless frequently or if you haven't used Chip and PIN in a while you may be asked to enter your PIN. If the card terminal has not been upgraded, a ‘card declined’ message will appear. In the event of receiving a declined message, you should attempt to pay using Chip and PIN rather than contactless.

Banking online

When you log into internet banking, as well as your customer number and password, there’ll be one more step:

If you have the B app

You’ll use your passcode or fingerprint ID to confirm the login attempt .

If you don’t have the app

We’ll text you a one-time passcode to complete your login, or you can use a number generated by your security token (if you have one).

How to get ready

Once the changes come in, the easiest and quickest way to confirm payments and bank online will be using the B app.

Already using the B app?

Great! So you just need to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date version. Then when the change comes in, you’ll be ready to authenticate with a few taps.

Download on the App Store Android app on Google play

Don’t have the app?

If you don’t have our app, authentication will be through a one-time passcode to your mobile. That means we’ll need your current mobile or landline number (call us on 0800 121 7365 if you’re not sure).

Download on the App Store Android app on Google play

Update your mobile number

By calling B on 0800 121 7365.

Talk to us

If you need a helping hand, the dedicated team at B is ready and waiting.

Call the team at B 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.

In the UK? Call us for free on: 0800 121 7365

Or if you’re abroad: +44 141 221 7300

*This service may be interrupted due to periods of routine maintenance. Calls may be monitored or recorded for your security.

Prefer to drop us a line on Facebook Messenger? No problem

The team at B can’t chat about any personal account stuff, so please don’t tell us your card details, account number, etc. If you need to talk about those type of things, give us a call on 0800 121 7365.

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