Simple, smarter, speedier

Your B card has contactless payment technology, and that means you can pay for things up to £30 just by touching it to the card reader. No need to tap in your PIN or rummage for change, you’re in the fast lane now.

Three easy steps

Contactless Cards Symbol - Step 1

Step 1

Look out for this symbol.

Contactless Cards tap the reader - Step 2

Step 2

Touch your card against the reader (just a tap will do).

Contactless Cards green light - Step 3

Step 3

When you see the green light, it’s gone through - you’ve paid.

Activate your card

Before you make your first contactless payment, you’ll need to use your card in the old way, either by paying for something with CHIP & PIN or using an ATM.

Be a tap master

It can be a bit weird just tapping your contactless card when you’re used to CHIP & PIN. Here are a few things to remember to help you feel at home with your new go-faster card.

You’ve got to get close

You have to be really close to make a payment. So don’t worry, you can’t accidentally pay for something by walking near a card reader.

Use one card at a time

Just be sure to remove your card from your wallet to use it, so it doesn’t clash with any other cards you have.

You’re protected

You’ll get the same fraud protection as when you use CHIP & PIN. And every now and again, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN just to make sure it’s you. You can always ask for a receipt too, if you want to check how much you paid.

It’s always up to you

You can always choose to use CHIP & PIN instead, if you like – you don’t have to use contactless at all if you don’t fancy it.

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