Plan a big day, not a big debt

For most of us, a no-expense-spared wedding just isn’t an option. In fact, 1 in 7 couples say they delayed their wedding for over a year to save up for it. That makes the team at B sad. Because you deserve to say “I do”, not “I’d love to, but it costs too much”.

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There are specific ways B could help you save for your wedding, but more about those later. First, let’s look at a few ways you can spend less and still skip down the aisle in style.

Ring the changes

If you like it, then you should most definitely put a ring on it. But while Diamonds are Forever, nobody wants the ring bill following them around for years to come. Going direct to jewellery-making districts (rather than high street jewellery shops) can save you hundreds on the engagement and wedding rings. With lots of different shops in the same area, you’ll be spoilt for choice without having to travel around.

Most cities have a jewellery district, but the best-known are Jewellery Quarter Birmingham (opens in a new window), Hatton Garden in London (opens in a new window) and Argyll Arcade in Glasgow (opens in a new window)

Save the date? Save the trees!

Printed paper invitations aren’t just bad for the environment, they can take up a whack of your budget, too. So make like it’s 2016 (because, well, it is) and do it digitally instead. (opens in a new window) is a good place to start, offering a tailored wedding website and app from approximately £39. Or do it by email using Paperless Wedding (opens in a new window), which claims to save couples over £600 compared to print invitations.

“Whatever your personal style, everyone feels great in a bargain”

Find some cheap frills

Whatever your personal style, everyone feels great in a bargain. So unless you have your heart set on a bespoke designer dress, it’s really worth steering clear of the bridal boutiques. Lots of suppliers sell previous season or ‘new without tags’ online for a fraction of the price. In fact, popular wedding site Confetti has an entire forum thread for wedding gowns (opens in a new window), with new styles being uploaded every day.

Or why not unleash your inner designer and create your style over at (opens in a new window)? The site gets great reviews and has more style combinations than you can shake a tiara at.

Get a blooming bargain

There’s no denying that flowers are pretty much a wedding staple. But the costs of blooms plus florist fees can quickly shoot up. If you don’t mind an early start, head to your nearest flower market (most big cities have at least one) and start pricing up wholesale stems.

Not only will buying direct save you money, going to the markets will let you see flowers you might not have considered before. Sunflowers, daisies and chrysanthemums are some of the cheapest stems going, as are leafy things like ivy and ferns. Go on, have a go. It could save you a bunch.

How can B help?

Well, a couple of ways.

Overall, rather than thinking of the whole wedding budget as one large sum, it’s a good idea to set individual budgets for different things before you start. Then, when you know how much you want to spend on each part of the wedding, B’s Savings Pots can show how close you’re getting to each target.

B’s budgeting feature could be useful too, letting you tag your wedding purchases and keep an eye on how it all adds up. It’s easy to use and could keep your spending on track for the Big Day.