Going travelling? B inspired

With almost 200 countries to get around, the world is a big ol’ place. But unless ‘Explorer’ is your actual job title, chances are you won’t make it to everywhere. Wherever you do go, though, scratch the surface and you’ll uncover some quirky stuff – and B’s clever features could help you save for the adventure.

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Beaten path or road less travelled?

Jetting off? Whether you’re re-visiting a favourite place or heading for new horizons, there’s always something different to discover. Here are the Team at B’s random facts from the world’s most and least visited places.

Most visited

  • Snails on a train - By law if you’re carrying live snails on a train in France, they need their own tickets.
  • Pardon me? - Though most Americans speak English, the USA has no official national language.
  • Not much to smile about - In Spain there is no such thing as the tooth fairy (they do have a tooth mouse though).
  • The home of tomato sauce - Ketchup was invented in China as a sauce for pickled fish (ke-tsiap).

Least visited

  • Fruit batty - ‘Livingstone’s Fruit Bat’ was discovered by David Livingstone when he visited Comoros in 1863.
  • Home and away - If San Marino’s whole population went to Wembley stadium, there would still be 58,552 empty seats.
  • Super surfers - Moldova has a faster average internet connection than Norway, USA and 150 other countries.
  • Catch up TV - Bhutan was one of the last countries in the worlds to introduce TV to its people (1999).
  • Say cheese - Liechtenstein is the world’s leading manufacturer of false teeth.

Where on earth are you going?

In research by ABTA (opens in a new window) one in five people said they’d visit a place they’d never been to in 2016. Yet Spain remains the top choice for UK travellers. So while some of us seek out uncharted waters, it seems most of us choose to stay loyal to certain shores. Vive la difference.

What most of us have in common though is the need to save money for our trips away. B’s Saving Pots and budgeting tools could help, but where else can you go to find tips for saving up to go travelling?

Follow the pros

There are thousands of travel blogs around, but while many will inspire you with amazing photos and stories, check out the ones that give you a real view of how much travelling costs. Backpacker Banter (opens in a new window) is a great place to start, with advice from Chris - a surfer from Devon who’s been going around the world since 2009 on less than £10,000 a year. Even better, he breaks down his spending by day, month and year. Here’s what he spent in 2015 (opens in a new window).

"Thanks to social media you now have access to a whole world of travelling companions"

Learn some saving secrets

Saving up is never a breeze, but seasoned travellers have some tried-and-tested ways to help you reach a saving target before you go. The ‘A Little Drift’ blog has some great ideas, and is written by Shannon O’Donnell – a National Geographic ‘Traveller of the Year’ in 2013. Shannon may be based in America, but her travel saving tips (opens in a new window) apply everywhere, and she has over eight years’ experience of saving for global adventures.

Pack an expert in your pocket

Even if you’re technically going alone, thanks to social media you now have access to a whole world of travel companions, all posting in real-time. Many of them have recent experience of saving up for short and long-term trips away, and have blogs full of useful information. Start with Kash Bhattacharya @BudgetTraveller (opens in a new window) and his blog: ‘5 tips to start saving money’ (opens in a new window) , then fill your timeline with other voices of experience as you go along.