Will your savings survive the summer holidays?

When you’ve got a young family, making memories is important. Summers, especially, should be full of ice-cream-fuelled adventures. But nothing puts a dampener on the fun like holiday over-spending that lasts till Christmas. Here are the Team at B’s tips for keeping your money sunny on a family holiday.

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Don’t overpay to stay

Whether you’re staying in the UK or heading overseas, you don’t have to lose sleep over accommodation costs. You could avoid hiked-up hotel rates by looking into less conventional options, like booking direct with property owners through sites like Owners Direct (opens in a new window) or even eBay (a lot of owners use it to sell off unsold dates at discount prices). You’ll find everything from villas to holiday cottages, and if you can talk to the owner in person you might get an even better deal.

Find a home from home

Before you had kids, things like washing machines and dishwashers probably didn’t feature in your holiday plans. These days, though, they can seem as necessary as suncream. That’s where sites like Home Exchange (opens in a new window) (£100 a year for membership) and Trusted Housesitters (opens in a new window) (membership from £6.60 a month) are essential viewing. Not only is the accommodation itself completely free, some include use of a car or bikes too.

“Before you know it, you’re spending a truck-load on food, drinks, magazines – the lot.”

Get some tasty deals

Even if you’re staying in the UK and going self-catering, chances are you’ll be eating in restaurants more than you would do at home. A Tastecard gives you 50% off (or 2-for-1 deals) at more than 7,000 restaurants around Britain. And while full membership costs £79.99 a year, you can trial it free for a month (opens in a new window) then cancel afterwards if you choose. Apply before you set off, and you can access the deals instantly through the free app. Nom!

Roam free

Exploring another country is fun, but when you need to get from A to B as quickly (and easily) as possible, you need a navigation app that doesn’t shred through data. Check out HERE (opens in a new window), an app that lets you download maps of your holiday destination and use them offline whenever you need them. There are over 100 countries available, and the app’s completely free to download and use.

Save at the services

Going by car? If so, service station stops are inevitable. Before you know it, you’re spending a truck-load on food, drinks, magazines – the lot. All before you’ve even reached your destination. Get the free MOTO app (opens in a new window) , and – if you happen to visit one of their Services on your travels – you can access daily deals including anything from 20-40% off in shops like M&S Food and WHSmith.

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