Fire up your fingertips - a guide to B’s app features

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From what you spend to how you budget and save, B’s features let you learn more about your money and could help you take better control of your finances. All it takes is a few taps. Here are the nifty things you can do with the B app.

Our new current account and instant savings account that work beautifully together within one super-smart app, powered by Clydesdale Bank & Yorkshire Bank. Compatible devices required to access all of B’s features. T&Cs apply. Subject to status & eligibility.

Track your transactions

The app shows you exactly where your money goes. The automatic tagging feature lets you assign category tags to different things you buy, so you can quickly see a total of what you’ve spent on things like travel, food shopping or clothes. There are 20 tags already set up in the app (so you can start using those straight away), and you can add five new ones of your own.

Get your budget on

If you want to set maximum monthly budgets for specific things, you can use the tags for that too. It doesn’t mean you can’t go over those budgets if you want to (or need to) – it just means you can keep an eye on them as the month goes on.

Smarter saving

With the B app, saving money could be as easy as spending it. The Savings Pots feature lets you set up and label target amounts (say, £130 for ‘New trainers’ or £350 for ‘holiday spending money’). You can set up regular payments or just add money in as you go along (or both), and B will let you know how it’s all going.

“As B gets to know you better – more Financial Stories will be added”

B’s got your back

Nobody wants to have to check their bank account every single day. So the B app will keep an eye on both your B Current and B Instant Savings accounts to make sure everything’s in order. B's app lets you set a low balance rule and when your B Current account balance falls below that, the B app automatically sweeps money from your B Instant Savings account. Handy, right?

Get the bigger picture

B can show you amazing things about your money. Through the Financial Stories feature, you can see how you spend your money (rather than just what you spend it on). It’s another way to think differently about your finances. To start off with, there are four Financial Stories built into the app:

  • Under £10 – all your transactions under £10 totalled in one place
  • Ins and Outs – everything that’s gone in and come out of your account during the month
  • Cashpoint – how much you’ve taken out of ATMs
  • Projections - this feature uses everything it knows about you to predict how the end of your month might look

In time – as B gets to know you better – more Financial Stories will be added, giving you an even clearer view of how you spend your money.

Watch this space

These features can help you take control over your money from the get-go, but there’ll be plenty more to come as B develops and grows. Follow B on Twitter for news and updates direct from Team B.