See your spending in a new light - ways to save money

If you’re trying to find ways to save more money (or even just spend your money on different things), it can be difficult to figure out where the savings can be made. You might think you’re being thrifty, but what you really spend could surprise you. That’s where the B app’s Financial Stories (opens in a new window) feature could become a pretty useful tool for helping you to manage your money.

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The Financial Stories feature lets you see your money from a new perspective. For example, like in our video at the top, do you really know how much those takeaway coffees are costing you every month (or year)? Can you tell if the money left in your account will last until payday?

Here are a few things many of us regularly spend money on without really thinking about it, and what some small changes in your spending habits could get you in the long run. Before you know it, you could be saving money every month.

Could you cut back on these ‘essentials’ to save money for things you really want? With a little help from B, of course.

Lacklustre lunches or Dream dinner?

So, what do you fancy for lunch? How about noodles? Mmm, noodles. Ooo, and a juice. From that new juice bar. Ah, lunch. Saviour of many a hard day. But if you spend £6 a day on lunch, over a normal month that’s around £130. Before you know it, you’ve spent the value of a Michelin-star meal on ramen and coconut water. Food for thought, isn’t it? Could you swap supermarket sarnies for home-made and save for a real treat?

“Public transport in rush hour is bad enough, so why are you paying for the privilege?”

Channel-hopping or Island hopping?

Some of us keep up our cable TV packages just because they’re there, for one or two shows we watch regularly (and even then we aren’t all that bothered), and dozens of channels we’ll never even click on. Even for live sports, we can end up watching them in the pub with our mates. For the price of that monthly sub, could you be saving up your cash to see something amazing in real life?

Gym card or ski pass?

If you love the gym, great, then definitely keep going to the gym (and we salute you). But if you have a membership and you don’t really use it (be honest), that’s a fair chunk of cash you could be spending on something else. A good quality bike, maybe (it could save you money on transport costs too), or an active holiday where you could do the kind of exercise you’ll actually enjoy.

Underground or overseas?

Public transport in rush hour is bad enough, so why are you paying for the privilege? Have you ever had a go at walking or even cycling to work instead? We all tell ourselves we should think about it, but now’s the time to actually give it a try. How much money could you save a month? The average reported for a monthly commute in London in 2015 (opens in a new window) was £192. That’s £2,304 a year - enough to take the great Ghan railway from Adelaide to Darwin (opens in a new window) , which is a more inspiring journey altogether.

Feeling inspired? Read more about the Financial Stories feature (opens in a new window).

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