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From self-driving cars to wireless everything, whatever we can imagine, it seems, product developers can deliver. We sent Guest Blogger Matt Hussey to seek out the futuristic products you can actually buy now (warning: that’s not to say they’re all very ‘affordable’!).

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Ring Video doorbell

A delivery arrives at your home, but you’re at work. You don’t want to spend your spare time queuing at the post office. What do you do? If you have the Ring Video Doorbell (opens in a new window), you can see who it is first, give them instructions and let them in, all from your smartphone. The bell even has night vision and motion detectors so you can see who’s coming way before they get to their door. Or alternatively, use the two-way audio to wind up friends and relatives.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

There are fridges, and then there are Samsung’s whopping Family Hub fridge (opens in a new window). Inside it has three cameras that allow you to check to see if you’ve run out of eggs from wherever you are via a smartphone app. On the outside meanwhile it has a 21-inch touchscreen that allows you to order groceries, write shopping lists, find recipes, listen to music, watch TV or even browse the Web. You can even send messages to the fridge to stop any wandering hands from snatching your favourite snacks.

“It can create more than 5,000 different coffee combinations.”

Thermo by Withings

When one of your family falls ill, one of the first things you check is their temperature. Is it hot? Or is it just warm? Withings Thermo (opens in a new window) (and its Hotspot Sensor technology) takes the guesswork out of guessing how hot someone is. Within two seconds of placing the device near your forehead (it doesn’t require any contact with the skin to work), it will take over 4,000 different measurements. It’ll send the data to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor temperature over time but also tell you if the temperature is high for the patient’s age. It even has a medical dictionary to help you diagnose what’s ailing them.

Dyson 360 Eye Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson has been busy putting the smarts into vacuum cleaners. So much so it took more than 10 years to develop. The Eye (opens in a new window) has a 360-degree camera that actively maps your home so to avoid bumping into walls or your precious furniture. Instead of wheels it has two rugged tracks (like a tank) and you can programme it to clean your home while you’re out of the house to avoid being disturbed. But it’ll cost you a few pennies, £799 to be exact.

Panasonic NC-ZA1 Coffee Machine

Panasonic has built a coffee machine (opens in a new window) that can grease the wheels when it comes to getting up in the morning. This ‘bean to cup’ solution takes beans, grinds them and pushes hot water through them at pressure. So far, so coffee machine. Where the ZA1 differs however is that it can create more than 5,000 different coffee combinations; milky coffee, strong coffee, frothy coffee, it can do it all. You can even set a timer to make your coffee at the exact time you fall out of bed every morning.

Neck Sound

If the thought of having to remove your headphones whenever someone wants to talk annoys you, Necksound (opens in a new window) will provide hands and ears free relief. The device is worn round your neck and instead of inserting headphones, it plays music through its stereo speakers below your ears, leaving you free to chat to others or hear traffic on the road if cycling.

Xiaomi Yeelight

Can’t decide if you want a warm hued lamp or something that’ll get you out of bed in the morning? Xiaomi’s Yeelight (opens in a new window) could help. It’s an LED table lamp that can emit 16 million different colours, which you can select from your smartphone. You can create your own mood settings and it has a special Night Mode that uses a soft orange hue to stop you straining your eyes when catching up on your bedtime reading.

Tanita RD-901 Bluetooth Body Composition Monitor

Bathroom scales have got a lot smarter in recent years. Tanita’s version (opens in a new window) can not only measure your weight, body mass index and fat percentage, but also bone mass, the amount of energy you expend each day when not at the gym and muscle mass. Once it’s done that it then sends it all to your smartphone and uses a handy traffic light system to indicate if any of the readouts are above or below a healthy range.

Top 3 gadgets under £10

  • Ultimate geek pen - £6.99
    Use it as a pen, a digital stylus, a flashlight, laser pointer or even counterfeit tester.
  • Air Amp - £6.99
    A tiny Bluetooth speaker you can take anywhere to play music and store charging cables.
  • Veho Pebble Smartstick Emergency Portable Battery Back Up Power - £9.99
    For those moments when you need a quick phone charge.

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