Don’t worry, be appy

Whether you’re managing the ins and outs, or saving for something special, B puts the power in your hands. And if you’re on top of your finances, you just feel better. Calmer. Happier. More carefree. So ‘the good old days’ become the good new days.

Ah, the blissful innocence of youth.

Remember how it felt? Worrying about money just wasn’t a thing. As long as you had enough for some sweets and a packet of stickers, life was good. Finding a fiver in a birthday card was like winning the lottery. And, if you felt flush, you’d bank a spare 50p in a ceramic pig and feel like the World’s Best Saver.

So, what changed?

As if being a teenager wasn’t tough enough, you make it out of the other side only to discover you’re a grown-up. Ugh. Now you have to care about money. You’re expected to earn it, and – when you’re not doing that – you find yourself endlessly spending it.

You had to graduate from a piggy-bank to a proper bank. Suddenly there are forms to fill in and bills to pay. Travel, rent…

Groceries More groceries. Always more groceries.

Sometime in the last few years sandwich prices sky-rocketed, so now even your monthly lunches could add up to the cost of a cheap flight.

How? How did it happen?

Wishing away the month until payday…

Opening your statements and wondering where on earth it all goes…

Rummaging among the sofa cushions ONE MORE TIME in the hope of finding a cache of loose change…

To top it all, nobody even puts money in your birthday cards anymore (let’s be honest, you’re grateful if you get a Facebook post).

How did it come to this?

When did money become the boss of you? There has to be another way to do things. Doesn’t there?

Yes. Yes there does. And there is.

There’s a whole new way to manage your money, and it all begins with B.

B’s a smart digital banking service that lets you look at your money differently. It has a current account and instant access savings account, and you can view both of them together in one app. Subject to status and eligibility. Device requirements apply. And that’s not all. Its clever features can show you exactly what you’re spending where, and let you budget and save more easily.

Tablet device with B app

So it’s not the financial Fun Police.

It’s a money-management dashboard in your pocket. One that gives you a clearer view of what’s really going on in your accounts. Then, if you want to, you can change a few things that might make your money go a bit further. Go easy on the takeaway coffees for a while. Or re-think your next shopping trip. Just… you know… get a handle on it all.

Because when you know where you stand, you feel more in control. Right?


B believes that being a grown-up shouldn’t mean you have to worry about money, just think about it differently. So, maybe you’ll opt for savings over sandwiches. Choose ‘own brand’ over the top brand. Trade a night out for a new pair of shoes.

And, sure, there’ll still be the odd impulse buy

or you may have to use your overdraft sometimes – it happens. But banking with B could help you work around those things and get back on track. Overdrafts subject to status and you must be 18 years or over to apply.

That’s just how B rolls.

And as your life and work and spending habits change, B app learns and changes with you. Before you know it, you might be spending more on DIY than you do on dinner, and saving for things like double glazing, a camper van, a nursery!


But whatever you need your money for, B’s on the journey too, and there’ll be lots of new features to help along the way.

Got it? Great.

Now, let’s go and climb some trees.