Make your new house feel like home on a budget

Moving house is an experience that comes with highs, lows, and everything in between. Whether it’s been a breeze or tried every ounce of your patience, we can all relate to that feeling when you’ve finally unpacked the last box and can sit back, have a cuppa and relax. With everything in its place, you might start to look around and feel, well, something’s not quite right.

Maybe it’s that big empty wall space that leaves the room feeling a bit too open and bare. Or it’s the sofa that the previous owners kindly left for you but, let’s face it, it’s seen better days. With all the expense of moving, it’s probably quite unrealistic that you’ll be able to revamp your whole new pad to your exact tastes. So why not try out some of our budget friendly tips to put the finishing touches to your new place and make it feel like home.

Picture this

If you’ve got a wall that’s crying out for some jazzing up but you don’t want to commit to anything expensive, like fancy wallpaper or art, no worries. Get yourself some cheap photo frames and create a gallery wall.

You can use photos you have, cheap prints, anything you fancy! A quick web search shows you lots of different ways to create a gallery wall but we’d recommend taking a photo of the space and each of your filled photo frames. Then use some simple photo software to play around with the placement.

When it comes to hanging the frames, we’d definitely recommend getting someone to help. Be warned though, it can get tedious as you stand back for the hundredth time and see that one frame is still squint. In this moment, just remember you’ll have a beautiful gallery wall without the art gallery expense in the end.

“Scour the internet for tutorials and get your DIY on! ”

Throw up

No, we don’t mean literally. If you’re searching for interiors inspo on Instagram (we’re there by the way, come say hi) then take a closer look at the details. Chances are there’s a casually draped throw or blanket over a chair somewhere.

They’re not only a practical way to keep you warm when the cooler evenings set in but they can add a bit of colour to any room. That sofa that you’ve been left with and isn’t looking too great? Cover it with a throw!

If your budget stretches to it get yourself some new cushions too. We hear you, throws and cushions can get wildly expensive depending on your taste but luckily supermarkets usually have pretty affordable home ranges that keep up with the trends, so you shouldn’t not need to spend a fortune to get that Insta-perfect look.

Welcome to the jungle

Houseplants are a great way to fill up some space and bring colour to any room without spending lots of cash. If you don’t feel particularly green-fingered there’s lots of hardy plants you can begin with.

Investigate the leafy swiss cheese plant, the ever-growing spider plant, the scary sounding but beautiful snake plant and the humble cacti. They’re all relatively easy to care for but definitely read up on them before you purchase and check they’re suitable for your space.

If you’re still not sure, chat to your local garden centre or local indie plant shop before you buy. They’re experts and will help you find the right plant for you. Just remember, if you’ve got furry friends some plants and flowers are harmful to them so do a bit of homework before you bring a new leafy chum into your home.

DIY the details

Everyone has that piece of furniture that they’ve been coveting since what feels like time began. But the reality is if you’re moving in to your first home, you might not even have the basics and you’ll need to get practical. You may need to temporarily give up that velvet chaise lounge dream to allow for the essential fridge freezer purchase. You don’t have to sacrifice your interior style though.

Make small tweaks to furniture you already have. Replace boring drawer handles with something a bit more elegant. Paint cupboards, shelves, tables – most things – to compliment your taste and give them a new lease of life. If you really can’t live without your dream furniture, get crafty. There’s a high chance your interior dreams have been shared by someone else and they’ve found a way to recreate it on a budget. Scour the internet for tutorials and get your DIY on!

So if you’re not able to redesign your whole place straight away, we hope our tips will steer you in the right direction to help make those finishing touches. If you’re still dreaming about that velvet chaise lounge check out our B-Tox tips for simple ways you could start saving money towards your luxe décor.

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