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Track your spending

The B app's tagging feature lets you sort your transactions by category and see your spending at a glance. Some tags are automatic, while others you can set up yourself. Either way, it means the B app can help you budget better.

Where does your money go?

B debit card and B Credit card transactions you make are automatically tagged by the B app. The app comes with 20 pre-set categories, covering everything you spend on ‘Eating Out’, ‘Groceries’ and ‘Style’. For example, the ‘Style’ category might include things like clothes, shoes, jewellery and accessories. So you can easily see where every penny you’ve spent has gone.

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This time, it’s personal

In the B app you can create five tags of your own. Setting up your own tags is simple, and you can call them anything you like. Which is handy for seeing exactly how much you spend in your favourite shop or restaurant over time.

Plenty of flexibility

Changing the tag on any transaction is simple. That goes for your 20 auto-tags and your 5 personal tags. Say for example, you were to buy clothes in a supermarket. Just tell the B app to tag it ’Style’ rather than ’Groceries’. And if you like, it can be set to automatically do the same in the future.

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Take control of your money

The B app also comes with super smart budgeting tools to help you take even more control. They’re powered by all the information the app gathers from your tags, to help you plan and track your money, your way.

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