Eye-opening insights

The B app is always learning. The better the B app knows you, the more it can help you. And the more the B app helps you, the more you'll get to know about your spending.

Get the inside story

While you're busy enjoying life, the B app works its magic in the background, gathering information on your current account spending. That way, it can give you unique insights about your money. Like all the things you've bought for under £10.

The app aims to surprise you with facts that show you exactly where your money goes and how it could go further. It’s quite an eye-opener.

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Fortune-telling for your finances

As the B app learns more about your spending habits, it’ll look ahead and predict how the end of your month might turn out. It can warn you if things are tight or give you the go ahead if you’ve got a little extra to spend or save. Helping you to look after your money better.

Look to the future

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