B’s payment methods

Now that you’ve received your activation password from us in the post, you’re ready to start using internet banking.

Find your transactions with ease

You're almost ready to enjoy all the benefits of internet banking.

All you need to do is check you have some key details and then we can get you started.

It’s really important to remember that we’ll never contact you via phone or email asking for confidential information or your internet banking login. If you do get an email asking for these, just forward it to reportphishing-cb@cbonline.co.uk and relax. You’re in safe hands.

To finish off, select 'Activate internet banking'. Follow the instructions on-screen and you'll be able to use internet banking.

What you need for internet banking registration

  • Your customer number (from your internet banking welcome letter, a 10-digit number starting '10' or ‘30’) or personal details
  • Your mobile phone and email address to hand
  • Your 10-character password (shown in your welcome letter). Your password is case sensitive.

Help! You need somebody?

The B app has been designed to be easy to use, but if you do ever get stuck, there’s plenty of help and tips within the app that will get you back on track.

And if you ever need a helping hand, the team at B is ready and waiting at the end of your phone. Or, if you prefer, visit your branch.

Cashless payments

Just a fingertip away Apple Pay and Google Pay

Tired of always rummaging for your wallet? Good. Because Apple Pay and Google Pay are here. In-app or in-store, quick bites or small gifts - pay for the things you like, when you like, with just a tap of your phone. Not only is it super convenient, it’s safe too.

Some retailers may limit individual payments to £30.

Deposit cheques with the app

You can now deposit cheques with the B app

Just snap a photo of your cheque in the B app and we’ll do the rest. So you can now deposit any time, any place – in branch or on the move. It’s simple, secure and, best of all, super-fast.