A new way of budgeting

In the B app, super smart budgeting tools let you set up individual budgets for all the different things you spend your money on. It only takes a few taps, so it’s easy to plan and track all your monthly ins and outs.

Your money in your hands

You can create monthly budgets for any of the different categories that you manage through the B app Tagging feature. For each category, the app shows you how much you’ve spent and what you have left to spend in that month. So you can quickly see how much of your budget you’ve spent on things like your groceries, travel and even on eating out at your local Italian. Which makes it easy to keep your spending on target.

The app will even show how much of your overall monthly budget you’ve spent, so you can always see the bigger picture.

B app B app
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Keeping you on track

Planning a budget is one thing. Keeping it balanced is another. If you do happen to go a little overboard in any of your categories, the B app will let you know. So you’ll have time to make any little changes to stay on track. The app takes care of the hard work, so you’re free to get on with the fun stuff.

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