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A suite of the latest tools, services and products to help you look after your money - all
under one roof! Most of them will be made by B, but keep an eye out for awesome
partnerships with some of the best tech companies available.

Here's what's on the B store shelves at the moment.

B currency

The first product in B store - an augmented reality currency converter - will make it easier to keep track of what you're spending while you're abroad. Perfect for your next trip away!

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B safe   Available to B customers only

Learn how to stay safe online with the latest B store product - straight from B store in your B app. Just answer a few simple questions and you'll get a personal plan to help keep your passwords secure and strong.

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B smart   Available to B customers only

B smart will help you find out if you could save money on your energy bills, and even help you find your new provider.

Welcome to the B store

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If you want to share your ideas on what new stuff we should work on next, get involved with the innovation lab - where the next generation of ideas, services and banking concepts come to life!

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B services

We're also working on an exciting new project called B beta. The aim is that you'll get to test out beta versions of the latest services from B and give us your feedback. With your help, we'll be able to decide what improvements to make before they roll out into the B store.

It's still being developed, so watch this space!

We're looking for partners!

If you've already got a great digital product, app or service that you think our customers would love, then we'd love to chat about how we could collaborate in the future.

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