This is where we tell you a few things about how the B website has been designed to make it easy and accessible for everyone to use, no matter who you are or what kind of device you're using the site on.

Easy to use

The B website's been designed to make it easy for everyone to use. And it's responsive, which means it'll adapt to your screen size and orientation of your device.

The options

You can find out about the accessibility options available for some of the most popular operating systems and browsers:

Using screenreading software?

Skip to content

If you’re using software that reads the content of your computer screen, you don’t have to listen to the menus being read out on every page. Once you know the site, this can be annoying. Just select ’skip to content’ when you hear this option near the top of the page.

Alternative image text

All images – apart from some pretty pictures used for decoration – have text that goes with them to describe the content of the image. If you’re using screenreading software, it should read the ’alt text’ to you

Descriptive links

Links like ’More about…’ and ’Find out more…’ have more detailed descriptions, which your screenreading software should read to you. For example, ’Find out more about B Instant Savings’.